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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the login process change?

We’re constantly evolving to meet new challenges and provide you with the latest security features.

Leading companies, including Google and Microsoft, use this login format to better protect credentials. Separating the User ID and Password allows us to increase security after we validate your User ID. Separating these two also minimizes the chance that both would be compromised at the same time.

For more information about this and other changes please visit our Online Banking Help Center.

How do I sign up for Online Banking as a new member?

All new members can create their own unique User ID and Password by selecting the “Sign Up” link in the menu to the upper right of this page or underneath the Rates link at the top of any page on our main site

What is my User ID?

Your User ID is used to log in to Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and our Mobile App. If you don’t have a User ID yet, visit to register.

How do I change my User ID and Password?

You can change your user ID within Online Banking at All Services » My Profile » Change User ID or at My Profile » Change User ID.

You can change your Password within Online Banking at All Services » My Profile » Change Password or at My Profile » Change Password.

What is my Password for Online Banking?

Your Password is your own personal secret code used to access Online Banking. Passwords must be at least 8 characters, must not contain User ID, must have the following: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, special characters.

What if I don't remember my User ID or Password?

If you forgot your User ID and/or Password you can use the links in the menu on the left of this page.

How do I log in? Why am I unable to log in to my account?

To log in to your account type your User ID and Password in the log-in area provided on the home page (or any other page on our main website). If you are unable to log in to your account, you may be entering the incorrect Password or user ID. Verify that you do not have the Caps Lock on as your credentials are case sensitive.

What is an access code? Is my access code my Password?

An access code is a random code that we generate and send to you via email, SMS/text, or automated phone call when you attempt to log in to Online Banking from a provider that's not on your Safe Providers list. Your access code is not the same as your Password, and is not meant to replace your Password.

What is the difference between an access code and a Password?

A Password is a code you set to access Online Banking and the Call-24 telephone banking system. On the other hand, an access code is a random code that Patelco generates and sends to you by email or text message to allow you to log in to Online Banking from a provider that you have not designated as "safe".

Do I need to memorize the access code?

No, you do not need to memorize the access code. The access code expires in 4 hours. If you do not use your access code within the allotted time, you will need to request another one.

Why do I get locked out?

For security purposes, the system will automatically lock out members after five failed log-in attempts. A failed attempt is when a member enters an incorrect User ID and Password combination.

I can log in to Online Banking, but am logged out once I click on something. What can I do?

If you are an AOL user:

Please note: This issue has been reported and can be reproduced with AOL 9.5. At this time, there is no known solution.

Please follow these instructions as a workaround to using the AOL 9.5 browser:

  • While logged into AOL, click on the blue ’e’ icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. It is located next to the Windows button (Windows 7 and Vista) or Start menu button (Windows XP, 2000, etc.). This will open a new Internet Explorer window outside of your AOL workspace.
  • Type in the address bar of the new Internet Explorer window and press Enter.
  • Log in to Online Banking.

All other users:

  • Reboot your computer and try to access Online Banking again.

Using an alternate browser

  • If the previous steps do not resolve the problem, please use an alternate web browser to log in to Online Banking. If you do not have other browsers there are a number of excellent free browsers to choose from. Using any of these may also improve your experience on our main site as well. Choose from Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari.

How do I log in to Online Banking with a mobile device?

Patelco has a dedicated online banking site for mobile device users at If you choose to use the normal online banking site, you'll need to enable Javascript on your device in order for the site to work properly.

How do I link my account(s) to Quicken?

You can directly download up to six months of account history into Quicken by following these instructions:

  1. In Quicken, click the suffix for which you wish to download history
  2. Select Online, and then Online Account Services Setup
  3. Select Create New Quicken Account, and then click Next.
  4. Enter Patelco Credit Union – New, and then Next
  5. Select Online, and then Next
  6. Enter your Patelco account number in the "Customer ID" field (i.e. 12345)
  7. Enter your Online Banking/Call-24 PIN in the "PIN" field (must be numeric), then click Next
  8. Select the accounts which you wish to add to Quicken, then click Next and follow the instructions to download up to six months worth of transactions.

Please note that your Customer ID is your Patelco account number and your PIN is the same as your Call-24 PIN and must be all numbers.

Where are my eStatements?

You can view your electronic statements at All Services > Account Services > eStatements – View or at History > eStatements.

How do I do a Member-to-Member transfer?

You can perform a Member-to-Member transfer (from one Patelco account to another) at Transfers > Member-to-Member Transfer. To set up a new transfer target, navigate to Transfers > Member-to-Member transfer Setup.